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Helping Young People Understand Their History & Process Trauma

Trauma Processing

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Helping Young People Understand Their History & Process Trauma

Therapeutic Life Story Work

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We have helped over 400 children understand their history and process trauma through Therapeutic Life Story Work!
 Life Story: Helps fostered, adopted and children living with family understand their journey to where they live now.
 Information Gaps & Misconceptions: Helps fill in information gaps and corrects misconceptions about what happened.
 Trauma Processing: Helps children process trauma from adverse childhood experiences (ACES).
 Relationships: Helps children build relationships with the family they live with now.
 Well-being: Helps improve emotional and psychological well-being.
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Therapeutic Life Story Work

What Is It? Therapeutic Life Story Work is a therapeutic programme of work that supports children and young people who are fostered, adopted, in residential care or living with relatives understand their past experiences and how they are impacting on their present. It helps them process trauma. Unlike Life Story direct work therapeutic work always supports children to process psychological trauma and cognitively reframe past experiences for them to be able to move on in the present. The therapy is psychodynamic incorporating other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and attachment therapy.

Care experienced young people often suffer psychological distress due to their past experiences. This distress can be externalised in emotional and behavioural outbursts which can result in pressures not only on the young person but the carers they  live with as well. Therapeutic Life Story Work aims to support young people to make sense of their past experiences working through past trauma and the ongoing impact to help them to make positive changes. The therapy often includes the young person's primary carer so they can gain a greater understanding of the trauma impact and how to support the young person. The therapy can help avoid placement breakdown by helping the young person and carer to better understand and meet the  young persons needs.

Life Story is part of The Behaviour Clinic. The Behaviour Clinic offer a nine month programme of therapeutic life story work. Make initial enquiries by completing the form below.
Warning! In recent years many practitioners have emerged that state they provide therapeutic life story work but are not qualified to do so. Therapeutic work should only be completed by therapists with a therapeutic qualification awarded by a university or registered education body and who are registered with a professional organisation. Always check credentials.

We are

Therapy: Therapeutic Life Story Work takes place over nine months. We use a combination therapy which incorporates the Rose (2012) model, enhanced adaptations from our practice base and behavioural science. 
Therapists: All of our therapists hold university therapeutic qualifications and registered with professional bodies (BACB, BPS, BAPT, PTUK, CCW).
Location: We deliver Therapeutic Life Story Work across South Wales and the west.
Supervision: All therapists receive supervision with certified therapeutic and clinical supervisors (BPS, BACB, PTUK, BAPT).
Experts: All Therapeutic Life Story Work is overseen by Laura Neal & Kim Matthews and quality assured.
Your Child: All Therapeutic Life Story work is child and family focused, we adapt to the child and their needs. We have experience of working with significant trauma (including sexual trauma), ASD, ADHD, FASD.

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