Life Story Work

Helping Young People Understand Their History & Process Trauma

Trauma Processing

Part of the TRIBE Traum a Recovery Framework

Helping Young People Understand Their History & Process Trauma

Life Story Work for Parents & Carers

Are you supporting a care experienced young person?
We help parents, carers and professionals use Life Story Work to help young people process past trauma.

We can help with:
 Practical Guidance: Practical strategies you can implement in your home to help your child to understand Life Story!
 Knowledge: Know what type of Life Story your child needs and when they need it!
 Workshops: We Offer Free Workshops in the fundamentals of Life Story Work for foster carers, adoptive parents & guardians.
 Training Days: Attend one of our Life Story Work Training Days to develop a life story plan for your child.
 Life Story Direct & Therapeutic Work: Know when your child need direct of therapeutic work!
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Life Story Identity & Belonging - 1 Day Course
Create Identity & Belonging in your home through Life Story!

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Life Story Identity & Belonging

Designed for Parents & Carers from Your Feedback!

Life Story Identity & Belonging

Find out how you can support your child to develop their own identity and gain a sense of family belonging through Life Story Work.

Many children who are fostered, adopted or living with guardians find it difficult to understand their own identity. They can be confused about who they are, the family they came from and why they are in the family they live with now. For most children understanding their Life Story is an essential part of healing and trauma processing.

Feedback we have had from Parents and Carers has been that they would really value a course that supports them to integrate Life Story within day-to-day life and give them confidence in approaching Life Story Topics.

This course is specifically designed for parents & carers. It was developed by life story therapists Laura & Kim and is delivered by The Behaviour Clinic.


CPD Accredited: A CPD accredited training course for parents & carers.
One Day: Is a one day online course for easy access; attend from your home!
Therapists: Delivered by Life Story therapists who practice Life Story every week!
Delivery: In 2023 Kim or Laura are part of the delivery team for every course!
Resources: You will receive resources to help you create Identity & Belonging!
Questions & Answers: Ask Questions and receive answers specific to you!

Life Story Identity & Belonging

Online: February 14th

Spaces Available

Online: May 3rd

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Online: September 20th

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Online: December 5th

Spaces Available

Training for Your Organisation

If you would like information on receiving Life Story Identity and Belonging training for parents or carers supported by your organisation complete the form below. We can deliver this training on your premises.


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